Digital evolution and education
UI/UX, Strategy

Known as project 14 Bis, the complete reestructure of the Learning Solution platform, was a 6+ months project where various teams worked alongside each other to deliver more value to the final user: students and teachers from many universities all over Brazil.

The goal is to provide teachers and students with top quality contend and learning activities making them able to deepen their learning, develop a critic and reflexive POV, increase their reflection and argumentation capability and overall contribute to their professional formation.

My role

I led the product design together with a Product Manager, a development team and including several squads that have a closer touch with the final user, such as Costumer Success and Pedagogical squad. All teams working in scope, discovery, planning and execution.

Currently I follow up on products updates, metrics and usability reports focusing on making a better product ans increasing the satisfaction rates of our users.

My main taks were:

  1. Develop a user-centric culture in our team
  2. Lead the discovery process
  3. Make the design process more inclusive for all teams
  4. Increase product’s NPS rate
  5. Deliver an AAA product with limited time

The team

Julia Amaral, Luiza Pais e Maísa Cota as product manager and owners, Thiago Leite as Tech Leader, Hudson Couto, Livia Almeida, Ana Cardoso, Ramon Gonçalves and Guilherme Dutra as Developers.

Tool kit

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information in this case study as well as screens for the project. All information is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of the company.

Uncharted territory

With few user-contact context, our first challenge as a team was to establish a bridge between product creators and the people who are using our platform instead of talking only with stakeholders.

During the first stage of product discovery, we worked wit the CS team in order to understamd the reality, needs and necessities from our final users. What problems lead to dissatisfaction, where were the product’s flaws and mostly, what was stopping them from using our product as a learning tool.

Tool kit

There were over 20 talks, interviews and informal talks with teachers, students, scholars, deans from the most diverse realities that provided important insights and guidance for the following stages of the project.

I’ve led those talks alongside with the P.O. and more importantly, with people which never had contact with our users, such as our development and pedagogic squads. Their inclusion in those interviews were valuable for creating a user-centered culture in the team and company.

By the end of this stage, we had in hands enough data to create user profiles with their behaviour, needsm pains and objectives.

All hands on deck

Important part of the project was to bring visibility of the process to all parts involved with the product.

Working on a big team, it becomes easy for people to feel lost and doubtful of which stage the project is as well as if their needs to support the platform is being worked on.

Collaboration is key when trying to scalate and make all work involved more agile.

Dealing with a robust and complex product, It was needed to develop complementary products for internal management for those teams in charge of supplying content, activities, exams in a more dynamic way.

The solution for everyone to have their needs heard and feel mor inclued onthe process was to make the design process the more collaborative as we can.

Throughout 8 stages of discovery and building, working with the P.O., we devided our product’s goal and led several collaborative design workshops, where all teams provide insights ans solutions for their needs as well as unifying ideas that latter on moved to wireframing stage, where I could make more technical decisions on the UI development stage.



The growth in number of interviews, talks and tests with end users in the product squad since january 2019.


Estimate time save for pedagogic and support teams due their inclusion on designing process.


Expected user engagement rate on the new platform focusion on solving their current frustations.

In recent meetings, presentations and NPS feedbacks, there are good receptivity and expectation for using the product starting next semester.


14 Biz is a very extensive and continuous project. We are following an monitoring user data in order to bring corrections and improvements for our users. Due to privacy and non-disclosure politics, I cannot display screens or wireframes.

In case you want to see mor of my UI work, sent me an email so we can chat.