Nice to
meet you!

I’m a Designer specialized in User Experience & Digital Products based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

I focus on creating user-centered and empathetic design and am passionate about all stages of product design, fom discovery to delivery, always helping the team with design decisions that makes technology easier to use for everyone.

I’m currently a Lead UX Designer at Somos Educação helping them create new products and share more value in digital education throughout Brazil.

I'd love to grab tea to talk about anything - from design to music and art.

If you have some ideas you like to talk to me about, just sent me an e-mail

A bit more...

I am confortable with every stage of the UX Process - from running discovery and research workshops, wireframing and designing all the way through to delivering amazing high fidelity designs.

Bellow you can see my key skills, as well as other knowledge in the Ux/Product area


All of my design process are based on quick and effective research through agile methodologies. In order to have a more assertive and solid discovery and design process in every project.


I am focusin my studies on pyschology and people behaviours and it is what motivates me as a UX. It is extremely important for designers to always have the user in mind when conducting any process.

Visual Design

Due to an extensive background as graphic designer and art direction, I’ve always had an appreciation for art and design work. I have advanced level skills in Adobe Photoshop and Sketch as well as test and prototyping platforms.